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Junio Single-Trapeze

Ready for Shipping in:
ca. 8-10 workdays ca. 8-10 workdays (abroad may vary)
color of fabric:
length of rope:
sending time:
Tape around bar:
type of rope:
way of padding:
225,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

  • 2,5m Hemp-Rope (nature colored), 22mm thick
  • or Cotton-Rope black/white , 24mm thick
  • the rope is up arround stainless steel drops
  • 2,1cm thick stainless steel bar, Space between Ropes free choseable and withouf extra costs
  • padded
  • padding covvered with choseable fabric. please chose it from the option further below
  • bar untaped or taped with colors red, black or white
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